The safety platform every organization needs

Certifiq is an innovative platform that enhances collaboration between service providers and clients for effective electrical safety management. It simplifies the full-cycle testing process, streamlines inspection planning and management, performs data clean-ups, and enables service providers to share the results with their clients.

Certifiq allows service providers to invite their clients to the platform for efficient collaboration, enabling them to plan and inspect their customers’ premises with ease. Additionally, the platform incorporates an advanced system that cleans up data requiring attention, allowing for more effective analysis.

With Certifiq, clients can access the results of their testing, along with any necessary documents, such as invoices. The platform is designed to support compliant testing under various standards, including PAT (Portable Appliance Testing), Installations, and Machinery, ensuring safety and efficiency.

PAT testing

Our Android app streamlines PAT testing, enabling testers to input asset information, location, conduct risk assessments, and select the appropriate test profile and standard. Designed by experts, it ensures compliant testing to meet different country standards, making the process efficient and effective.

Installations testing

An electrical installation is a comprehensive system that connects the mains position to all electrical equipment, light fittings, sockets, and other components in between. It plays a critical role in ensuring that all electrical devices and equipment in a building function as intended.

Machinery testing

Electrical installation testing is crucial for safety and compliance. Also known as periodic inspection, landlord testing, or circuit testing, it involves checking fixed appliances and equipment, wiring systems and circuits, and the main power source. Regular testing identifies potential hazards, minimizing risks of accidents or failures.


Certifiq’s safety monitoring system provides real-time data flow and alerts for reliable electrical safety. With continuous monitoring, potential hazards are detected and instantly alerted, allowing swift action to prevent accidents. Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their electrical systems are always monitored for safety.

PAT testing

Our Android app allows for convenient PAT testing. Using the app, the tester can easily input asset information and location, conduct risk assessments, and select the appropriate test profile and standard. Our app was designed by experts in the field, ensuring a compliant testing process that meets the standards of different countries. With the convenience of the app, the PAT testing process can be performed efficiently and effectively.

Installations testing

The electrical installation of a building refers to the entire wiring system that connects the mains position to all electrical equipment, light fittings, sockets, and other components in between. It is a comprehensive system in which all electrical equipment is connected to a common source of electrical energy. This installation plays a critical role in ensuring that all electrical devices and equipment in the building function as intended.

Machinery testing

Testing of electrical installations goes by various names such as EN…, periodic inspection, landlord testing, Electricity at Work, fixed appliance testing, fixed equipment testing, hard wiring testing, electrical wiring testing, fixed wiring testing, mains testing, circuit testing, or insurance testing. These tests are critical for ensuring that electrical installations are safe, reliable, and compliant with established standards. They may involve checking the condition of fixed appliances and equipment, assessing the wiring systems and circuits, and inspecting the main power source. By conducting regular testing, potential hazards can be identified and addressed, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents or failures.


With Elektra’s continuous safety monitoring system, customers can enjoy the benefits of real-time data flow and alerts, providing them with a reliable way to ensure the safety of their electrical systems. By leveraging this advanced system, customers can take proactive measures to prevent potentially fatal accidents. The system continuously monitors critical components, detecting any potential hazards or malfunctions before they can cause harm. If an issue is identified, the system instantly alerts customers, allowing them to take swift action to address the problem. This advanced technology provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their electrical systems are continuously monitored and that they can act quickly in case of an emergency.


Advanced access control

Experience advanced access control with tailored roles, system/custom settings, and location-based security for unparalleled workspace safety.

Invite your customers

Elevate collaboration by inviting your customers to Certifiq seamlessly connect ing Service Providers & Organizations for data-driven planning and consultation.

Perform and share inspections

Perform, share inspections with Certifiq as Providers & Organizations access real-time workspace info for self-tests and decisions.


Experience Certifiq's privacy with each company using individual workspaces, complete data control, and customizable data access for Service Providers and customers, ensuring security.

Assets and locations

Discover Certifiq's Assets & Locations with flexible location structures, real-time asset management, and seamless updates during testing for tailored organization.

Risk assessment

Optimize with Certifiq's Risk Assessment using 3-tiered analysis, hazard-focused questions, compliant processes, and potential for extended testing intervals.


Certifiq's Tasks allows post-inspection defect highlighting, asset management, and streamlined approval for Risk Assessments by Service Providers.

New device checks

Certifiq's New Device Check ensures enhanced safety, compliant usage through comprehensive pre-use testing, certification, and assured operational confidence.