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Innovating Electrical Safety

Certifiq, the cutting-edge Safety Management platform, fosters seamless collaboration between Service Providers and Clients for efficient Electrical Safety inspections. Streamlining testing processes, from planning to result sharing, Certifiq simplifies inspection management and ensures data accuracy. Clients easily access results and relevant documents, elevating safety and efficiency in electrical practices.

How we work

We are a team of cross-functional teams, working towards the same goal – deliver value to our customers.
We are using Agile Methods and we apply the Scrum Framework as our process.

Being part of Hyperio means

High Performance

We take responsibility for the work we do and aim to deliver more than what is expected. We are focused and don't waste time on things that don't add value. We are committed to get the job done no matter what and we take pride in what we do!

Customer Focus

We care about our customers and we always put effort and time to understand their needs and challenges. We evaluate our work from the customers’ point of view and we continuously aim to deliver value through small or big wins which gives up proud and motivation. We set high standards for quality & performance and encourage our customers to share their feedback and views.


Here at Hyperio, we are proud to be one big team. We promote ‘We’ over “I” and there is trust and respect amongst us. We help each other to achieve the common goal and we promote knowledge sharing and a positive working environment.


We target to stay up to date with new trends and technologies and we accept positive changes. We are out-of-the-box thinkers, and we build on and create value out of everyone’s good ideas.


We share information openly, clearly, and timely. We provide honest feedback and we promote a culture that mistakes are acceptable and we learn from them.We are involved and want to be informed on our company’s growth plans.


We respect others’ efforts, knowledge and experiences. We promote a no blaming culture and we actively listen and we consider others’ opinions.We respect every person in the team and treat everyone with dignity. At Hyperio, we welcome diversity and promote fairness across.

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