Future R&D Projects.

Cutting edge technologies are required for today's advancements and future innovation.

Future R&D Projects2019-09-17T16:04:57+03:00

Defining a Standard IoT Gateway

IoT Gateways have evolved to perform many tasks, from simple data filtering to visualization and complex analytics. These smart devices are helping power the current wave of IoT expansion. We want to define a standard IoT Gateway for all [...]

Electrical Safety with Energy Quality & Saving

As more and more resources are of electricity nature, an increase demand of new ideas and efficiency is required. New business lines are created very quickly due to an increase of innovation going on around the world. With change, [...]

Solar Panels On Safety | Quality | Saving

Solar Panels are on a high demand and as technology advances so does the need of constant safety, quality control and energy saving. This project is to identify the need and the potential of regulating a inspection checking for [...]

Wind Turbine On Safety | Quality | Saving

A wind turbine, or alternatively referred to as a wind energy converter, is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy. Wind turbine are on a high demand and as technology advances so does the need [...]

Major Energy Saving Product Solution Demand

There is a big demand for Energy saving. This project is to identify possibilities in our existing Business Line industry for better and more efficient product solutions to help in this demand for Energy saving. For the industry of [...]


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